Health and Social

The Health and Social sectors are areas where the need for confidentiality is self-evident. Initiatives to share patient information have paved the way for considering the security of health information systems (PGSSI-S: French General Security Policy for Health Information Systems) in their entirety. Dedicated security solutions must be implemented to reinforce and control access to applications (strong authentication via CPS cards – French health professional card – for instance). Similarly, the proliferation of security requirements and the necessary coherency of the HIS infrastructure lead to the establishment of a Health Establishment Directory (AES), a unique repository of identities and authorizations.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Traceability, compliance and risk management are the key words here! In fact, companies in the Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors are subject to increasing regulatory constraints (SOX, LSF, Basel 3, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Solvency 2, etc.). They are now required to define and apply a security policy and must also be able to prove they control the access to their information system. As a result, these sectors must have a perfect control of the identities and authorizations of the people accessing the IS. Professionals are made aware of these issues and also want to be able to define and control access to the company’s sensitive assets.

Industry and Services

In addition to the security aspect, identity and access management projects are at the origin of various needs. This is especially true in the Industrial and Services sectors where these projects provide a pragmatic response to real strategic business issues.

Public and Defense

The Public and Defense sectors are currently at the forefront of the digital economy. Preserving users’ privacy, respecting data confidentiality and protecting national infrastructures are issues governments must face. Fighting IT attacks and crime is also becoming a priority.

While IT security and digital identity are major challenges for companies, Cyber Security Management is your partner to ensure the protection and security of all your information systems as well as your infrastructure. We implement both preventive and defensive measures to maintain the integrity of your systems so you can maintain the confidentiality of all your data, no matter what that entails. To help you, Cyber Security Management is constantly looking for the best and most innovative European solutions. It’s simple, all you have to do is trust us!

Security and confidentiality: personalized handling

Our expertise is based on comprehensive support in line with your structure. What are our specialties? Security audits, the installation of anti-phishing and anti-malware solutions, solutions to ensure the security of your mailboxes and especially sensitive data, access and identity management solutions, solutions that provide a complete overview of your privileged accounts, both in terms of connections as well as the actions performed, web filtering gateways, web application firewalls, web services firewalls, support, maintenance and training for your teams, etc. Everything necessary to guarantee you the complete and personalized coverage of your IT systems.

Innovative and exclusive protections make our solutions unique and ensure they correspond to your specific needs

Technological innovation is part of our DNA. Cyber Security Management teams up with the best European players to offer unique and exclusive solutions for all your IT systems. Every day, we pursue this quest to offer you only the best.

A team of specialists at the cutting edge of technology

Our team of specialists works in collaboration with certified niche partners to technically support the organizations that place their trust in them. At the moment, certain solutions offered and distributed by Cyber Security Management protect healthcare institutions, banks, insurance companies, industries, government organizations, as well as companies of all sizes…