A multidisciplinary team

Cyber Security Management owes its strength to the varied perspectives of its founder and its employees, whose complementary expertise helps ensure the real understanding of the various issues the company faces.

Peter Braem
Founder & Chairman

For Peter Braem, who has led a great career working with the biggest and the best, new technologies and IT have no secrets. What’s his strength? A perfect understanding of technological issues.

Richard Hanze
General Manager

A Chief Executive at heart, Richard is a management man who juggles management, marketing and business development.

Jean-Louis de Halleux

The commercialization and marketing of products with high technological value have been his chosen field for many years. Jean-Louis has a pragmatic view of their promotion.

Christophe Hohl
IT Technical Advisor

With more than 20 years in the IT sector, Christophe is in charge of helping companies find the solutions that best suit their security needs. His motto? Keep it simple!

Yves Mathy

Professional, persistent, results-oriented… All these adjectives describe Yves, who joined the team in January 2018. A new challenge that he is already rising up to meet in brilliant fashion.

Robert Lobel

With more than 20 years of experience in the ICT sector, Robert can boast of very good results in Global Technical Sales of ICT products, solutions & services, as well as in Technical Key Account Management.

Jean-Philippe Louveaux

Successful management of senior and executive level client/professional services in an international and multicultural environment in three different business sectors: Telecommunications, Electronic Payment Services and IT.

Eric Goffin

Manager in Research and Production, Marketing, Sales and Business Intelligence successively, Eric has acquired a comprehensive vision and understanding of the market, its players and its constraints.