Powerful identity
and access management

Mobile communications, the Cloud, SaaS, social networks, connected objects… Managing access to your IS has become a priority. Sign&go Global SSO is a unique security solution, managing all the access points to your IS by means of an ergonomic, user-friendly tool. Through joint architecture and administration, it offers the following functions: strengthened authentification, web access management, identity federation, and enterprise and mobile single sign-on.

Through single sign-on (SSO), whatever the entry point, and identity federation, access to the IS and its applications is very straightforward for the user – but without any security risks.

This solution is based on technology developed by Ilex International.

Good governance entails trustworthy control of all access to your strategic data.

Our Wallix Bastion solution enables you to guarantee the security of privileged accounts by providing you with complete visibility of the various connections and actions. Thanks to real-time control and perfect traceability of events, security risks due to malicious access are almost nil.

The web console for the administration of distributed architectures makes for simple, effective management of passwords and access keys.

Our Wallix Bastion solution ensures access compliance for sensitive data without affecting your work processes.