Data leak prevention

Blocking the threats to your structure’s mailboxes, such as malware (malevolent software), phishing, spear-phishing (the usurping of your personal data), spam and graymail, is an effective way of helping to protect your data and your productivity.

Much more powerful than a mere analysis of senders and content, our intelligent anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spear-phishing, anti-spam and graymail management solutions are based on a heuristic filter that analyses mail behaviours and identifies mail-vectored cyberattacks, in order to block them.

Our solutions are based on the use of Vade Secure products.

Good governance entails trustworthy control of all access to your strategic data.

Our Wallix Bastion solution enables you to guarantee the security of privileged accounts by providing you with complete visibility of the various connections and actions. Thanks to real-time control and perfect traceability of events, security risks due to malicious access are almost nil.

The web console for the administration of distributed architectures makes for simple, effective management of passwords and access keys.

Our Wallix Bastion solution ensures access compliance for sensitive data without affecting your work processes.

To limit the risks posed by the industrialisation of your web processes, your applications and communication among connected devices, Rohde & Schwarz is a solution based on a new generation of firewalls and attack blockers specifically dedicated to sensitive applications and web services. As regards the services, Rohde & Schwarz is tasked with identifying, neutralising and eradicating loopholes.

Reducing attack risks. Securing processes all the way from schema validation to authentication, data encryption and communications management within and beyond your architecture. Checking the reliability of IP addresses and sources. These are just a few examples of the all-round care offered by Rohde & Schwarz when setting up your web applications and services. So you can focus on your real job, without having to constantly worry about security risks.